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Nasal Swab Tests

Why Choose Us


Our tests have received Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA.


We provide a secure, confidential, and comprehensive platform to address issues and confide in providers.


Sample collections are facilitated by board-certified, state-licensed physicians and nurses.

Lab tests comply with CAP, CLIA, and FDA requirements.


Despite quarantine measures, we recognize this illness isn’t isolated. Every individual is unique, and we’re here with you every step of the way.

Our Process

Register Online

Complete a short online health questionnaire using our secure platform.

Get Tested

Arrive on-site at your registered appointment time. Our licensed clinical team will walk you through on collecting your own sample. Please stay in your car and follow the posted instructions.

Receive Results

Your results will be sent to you on a secure, HIPAA compliant system, by your selected preference – text or email.

Telemedicine Consultation

Our providers / physicians will follow up with you to address any and all of concerns. We’re here for you.

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Please Bring For Your Appointment

As mandated by the FFCRA and CARES, patients will not have any out-of-pocket costs, or be subject to prior authorization requirements. Please check with your health plan to confirm before scheduling an appointment.

Specimen samples will be sent to a CAP & CLIA certified laboratory off-site. Test results will be returned via email or text within 2-4 days.*

*Response time may vary depending on the lab’s capacity

Goverment ID

Valid picture ID with address

Cell Phone

For communication during the test and listening to & following instructions.

Insurance Card

After registration, your details will be validated and a photo with your insurance ID will be taken.

*You will not be charged w/o insurance.


How do I get tested?

  • The Covid-19 Testing Drive-Thru is a drive up site.
  • Make sure to wear a mask BEFORE arriving to the site. Our “No Mask, No Testing” policy is to ensure the safety of you and our health care staff.
  • Drive up to our site
  • Upon arrival, you will pull into the parking lot and check in with the registration team.
  • Be sure to bring your Government ID, Insurance card, and cell phone.
  • Follow our traffic team’s instructions as they guide you to the testing area.

Why is a nasal swab used on me?

A nasal swab is the most accurate diagnostic tool to detect active COVID-19 infection. Such a test will give you (and our providers) the confidence for the next steps in your care.

How is the test processed?

The collected sample is sent to a lab where we perform a reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction on it (RT-PCR). This test can detect the virus up to 2 days before patients become symptomatic.

How is the swab test done?

Swab kits are given to our patient for self-administration. We use a mid-turbinate / anterior nare swab that is less uncomfortable and less invasive and than a nasopharyngeal swab. Swabs are then placed in the collection tube.

How long until I get the swab results?

Test results are processed between 2-3 business days. Results will be texted or emailed based on the patients preference, and followed up by a telemedicine consultation.

What do the swab results mean?

A positive result means you have an active COVID-19 infection. Your text/email will provide more information and your telemedicine consultation will provide you a space where you can ask your provider any questions.

What happens after swab testing?

You will receive an email or text with your result. We will schedule a telemedicine consult with you. Our doctors will provide COVID-19 counseling, discuss your results, and advise you on next steps. Please practice health safety precautions in the meantime to keep you, your family, and our community safe.

Who are the people I will be speaking to through the virtual device

A highly qualified team of Medical Directors(MD), Physicians Assistants(PA), and Nurse Practitioners(NP).

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