360 Clinic is a Multi-Specialty Medical Group
Focused on Telehealth Services
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At 360, our mission is simple – provide, empower, inform, and treat.

We are a dedicated group of caregivers, physicians, providers and community advocates that want to serve with a vision to care for all. We believe that all community members, from our vulnerable elderly and immunocompromised friends and family, to our healthy individuals, deserve access to their health information. In times of uncertainty, knowledge is peace.

Our Covid-19 testing and vaccine centers are designed for all – with ease of access, and humane-centered care. We believe health is a human right, and at 360 Clinic, your health is our priority. Real time results for under-served community members means we start from the ground up. That’s why we believe in complete care, a circle of community, and a caring core.

Schedule COVID-19 Testing or Vaccination

Our Partners

Our Process

Register Online < 3 min

Complete a short online health questionnaire using our secure platform.

Get Tested < 30 min

Arrive at your registered appointment time, stay in your car, and follow the posted signs. Our clinical team will walk you through collecting your own sample.

No Cost Medical Evaluation

Included in the COVID Testing Process

Receive Results 24 - 72 hrs

Your results will be sent to you on a secure, HIPAA compliant system, by your selected preference – text or email.

*Telemedicine Consultation < 24 hrs

Our providers / physicians will follow up with you to address any and all of concerns. We’re here for you.

*The Patient acknowledges and consents to treatment by 360 Clinic using the telehealth practice platform for easier access to evaluating, testing and diagnosing my medical condition.

*The Patient acknowledges and consents that such treatment will be made by a doctor, nurse, or nurse practitioner.

*The Patient acknowledges and consents that billings and fee rates apply to telehealth as apply for in-person encounters, however co-pays have been waived by most insurance companies.

*This consent is in addition to the general informed consent.


Stop Community Spread.

Start Community Health.


Government ID

Valid picture ID with address.

Cell Phone

For communication during the test and listening to & following instructions.

Insurance Card

After registration, your details will be validated and a photo with your insurance ID will be taken.

*You will not be charged w/o insurance.

As mandated by the FFCRA and CARES, patients will not have any out-of-pocket costs, or be subject to prior.

What People Say

"I have visited both the Anaheim Convention Center and the OC Fairgrounds location. 360 Clinic is highly organized and efficient! The staff working at both locations are well-trained and exudes professionalism!! The drive-thru testing sites are run with military precision!! Thank you 360 Clinic!!"
Joe M.
"I received my results the same day. I got tested in the AM and got my results at night."
Luz E.
"This was the best experience I have ever had with a drive through clinic. The staff is so professional and took great care of me. I am a health care worker so this is the place to go!"
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