About Us


At 360, our mission is simple - provide, empower, inform, and treat.

We are a dedicated group of caregivers, physicians, providers and community advocates that want to serve with a vision to care for all. We believe that all community members, from our vulnerable elderly and immunocompromised friends and family, to our healthy individuals, deserve access to their health information. In times of uncertainty, knowledge is peace. Our Covid-19 testing and vaccine centers are designed for all - with ease of access, and humane-centered care. We believe health is a human right, and at 360 Clinic, your health is our priority. Real time results for under-served community members means we start from the ground up. That’s why we believe in complete care, a circle of community, and a caring core.

Stop Community Spread.

Start Community Health.

Complete care, a circle of community, and a caring core. 360 Clinic is a Multi-Specialty Medical Group Focused on Telehealth Services.

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