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Make Smarter Decisions for your Business and Employees with On/Go™

For employers of all sizes, schools and governments, On/Go provides our rapid antigen testing and technology to deliver real-time results and proactive population management. On/Go powers targeted interventions, making managing outbreaks simpler and more effective.  On/Go is the easiest way to ensure your organization is compliant with the new OSHA mandates.

What is the On/Go Population Management Platform?

Our AI-powered platform seamlessly integrates with On/Go rapid tests, offering a real-time solution to avoid costly shutdowns through rapid, targeted interventions. To support the fight against COVID-19, our portal provides: ‍ Live tracking and viewing of results, by individual or cohort Protocol engine to define groups, routines and interventions Integrated communications to manage messages to individuals or teams We are excited to offer a smarter COVID solution that enables healthier, happier citizens, an open economy and enhanced peace of mind. ‍ As COVID evolves, so do we.

On/Go For My Business

Follow step-by-step instructions for the On/Go COVID-19 Self-Test

  • Provide best-in-class detection with market-leading On/Go COVID-19 tests
  • User -friendly instructional video and step-by-step instructions guides test takers through the entire testing procedure
  • Rapid results at 10 minutes ensures a quick, easy experience
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